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Codes and Testing

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MAS Certified Green
We take pride in offering a full range of products that are certified green. These products can be identified throughout this website by this logo. Green Leaf

Each Model is certified to support health and environmental initatives while providing unmatched comfort and performance. All of our certified green chairs cover all of the bases - balancing style, ergonomics, cost, and environmental performance.

All of our certified green chairs have passed rigorous BIFMA testing to meet low emissions standards and can enable projects to qualify for LEED certification credits. For more information on the testing methods and certification criteria, please visit www.mascertifiedgreen.com

Fire Code Standards
CAL 117
All Seating Inc. products conform to California Technical Bulletin 117.

CAL 133 (Passes NFPA 261 BLDG fire tests also.)
California Technical Bulletin 133 is a more stringent fire test for furniture manufactured for use in certain public areas and buildings. To meet the requirements of the CAL 133 Fire Code, a special Dupont™ blocker material – which prevents fire from spreading – is upholstered between the foam cushions and your textile choice to ensure that your chair meets the toughest fire code in the country.

Available On: all products ordered in Seating Inc. carded fabrics. Orders with C.O.M textiles may not be upgraded to meet CAL 133 fire code standards.
Ordering Information: Clearly specify CAL 133 on your order.
Pricing Information: CAL 133 added charge is $50 per yard. Refer to the C.O.M yardage found in the “dimensions” section of each price book page to calculate the correct charge for any given model.

GSA Intensive Use Test
For users who require compliance with the FNEW 83-269E Performance Test.

This stringent test requires extremely high performance values to ensure chair survivability in a 24/7, SEVERE use environment. The following models have been tested and pass the GSA FNEW83-269E Intensive use Test:

Electro Static Discharge (ESD)

Protects sensitive computers & equipment by dissipating electrical charge down through the upholstery and frame of the chair. Includes appropriate grounding. The Seating Inc. ESD process has been tested to meet the ANSI/ESD-STM-12.1-1997 Protection of Electro-Static Discharge, Seating-Resistive Measurement.

Applications: Recommended for locations that work with, or operate sensitive computer and/or electronic equipment like; circuit board manufacturers, computer chip makers, airline flight monitors, aeronautic companies.
Ordering Information: Clearly specify ESD on your order.
Pricing Information: Add $280 List to the Grade One price.
Textiles Information: Static conductive upholstery textile choices - Anti-static collection
Available On: 350 Intensive Use Task chairs only