GSA FNEW83-269E Intensive Use Test Results for Seating 550|350 Task Chairs

Ansi-Bifma X5.1 1993 Chair Test
(Chair Industry Standard Test)

Impact Test

Initial 200 pound impact for 25,000 cycles, then an additional 100 lb. impact for each 25,000 cycles. Seating  Inc. chair stood up under 1300 lb. impact and a total of 300,000 cycles. (maximum capacity of testing equipment.)

Test 4.6 Vertical Seat, Base and Caster Load

125 lb. impact for 100,000 cycles.

Test #12 Seating Impact Procedure—Cyclic
Tilt Test

50 lb. load over 1 million cycles. Seating Inc. chair completed 1 million cycles without suffering disabling damage.

Test 4.1 Back Load and
Tilt Mechanism Fatigue Test

75 lb. impact for 100,000 cycles

Test #16 Back durability Procedure—Cyclic (Type 1)
Back Strength Test

Initial 75 lb. pull for 25,000 pulls, then an additional 25 lb. for each 25,000 cycles. Seating Inc. chair completed 175 lb. pull and 125,000 cycles without suffering disabling damage.

Test 4.2 Cyclic Increasing Back Load

One pull at 200 lb. load. One pull at 300 lb. load

Test #5 Back Strength—Static Procedure
type 1– Tilt Chair
For a list of the chairs that passed these stringent tests and more detailed information see our
Codes and Tests page.