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Welcome to our Seating Green Site

Since we built our first custom chair over 20 years ago, Seating Incorporated has made every effort to be a
responsible corporate citizen. As the importance of a healthy workplace and a clean global environment
has grown, so has our commitment to manufacturing “green” office seating products.

Seating Green chairs have all been tested by MAS labs. These products were tested according to the BIFMA Standard X7.1-2005 to meet low emissions standards. These products can enable projects to qualify for LEED credits. For more information on the testing methods and certification criteria for Certified Green, visit

Seating Inc. employs smart, streamlined practices to enhance product sustainability and minimize impact on the environment. Our “thoughtful manufacturing” philosophy uses the highest quality materials and components from trusted local sources to limit transportation impacts. Comprehensive waste prevention and recycling programs promote intelligent use and disposal of all materials.

We also take pride in offering a full range of “Seating Green” products. Each model is certified to support health and environmental initiatives while providing unmatched comfort and performance. Every Seating Inc. product is certified green*.

Seating Inc. will continue to explore ways to produce environmentally - responsible products that support a healthier workplace and a cleaner world — now and for future generations.


*Excludes 550lb. and Indy series.