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How to Order

Our chairs are sold through office furniture dealers and on various state and government contracts. Please contact one of our State Representatives from the list below, or for more information about our chairs and how to find a dealer in your area.



  Virginia, Maryland & Washington DC    
  Triad Marketing Group P. 703.361.3660    
  Kentucky & Ohio      
  Jim Cantlon & Associates P. 440.331.1200    
  Northern New Jersey      
  Chris Irwin Associates P. 908.276.7094    
  Ron Henderson P. 734.741.7300    
  New England      
  JJ Green & Associates P. 603.601.2276    
  Puerto Rico      
  Jorge Buxeda P. 787.637.7786    
  Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, & Louisiana    
  Ken Bonin P. 318.730.4513    
  Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, & Wyoming    
  IFCo, LLC P. 303.550.9028    
  Alabama, Georgia, & Tennesee    
  Midsouth Associates P. 770.986.9988    
  Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, & Southern Illinois  
  MMA, Inc. P. 636.916.1860    
  Indiana, Wisconsin, & Northern Illinois    
  The Webb Group P. 312.595.9200    
  New York State      
  Art Werksman Associates P. 315.453.2226    
  North & South Carolina      
  Woodruff & Associates P. 704.895.0316    
  Don't see your area listed? Contact Seating Inc.    
    P. 800.468.2475