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November 2010 - EDU has been added to the website! The chairs in this series can now be found under their correct "style" headings. Check them out!

October 2010
- Seating Inc.'s GSA Contract (GS-29F-0003K) has been extended until December 2, 2014!

September 2010 - All Seating Inc. product line now MAS Certified Green!


May 2010 - EDU Series now MAS Certified Green!

April 2010 - EDU Program and Sales Sheets added to the Dealer and Rep Sign-In Sections!

March 2010 - New Rep Factory Training Scheduled for March 25 and 26 here at the factory in Nunda. Attending are Jim Cantlon and Barbara Grever from Jim Cantlon Associates, Paul Henry from PHA, Tammy Latham from W-Cubed, Kurt Witt, Jenny Crubaugh, and Jack Krol from RK Witt! Special guest Art Werksman.

March 2010 - Rep and Dealer Sections of web have been given a "face lift" - contact the factory if you have any questions!

February 2010 - All Seating Inc products have been approved for sale on GSA contract!