selecting a chair

How to Select a Seating Inc. Chair…

Choose Your Style

Consider the size of the people who will be seated and the work environment.
Seating Inc. chairs are organized into three categories

275 Every Day
for single users up to 8 hours per day, 300 lb. weight capacity

350 Intensive Use
for multiple users, intensive and/or heavy duty applications, 350 lb. weight capacity

550 Generous Fit
for single of multi-shift use, 550 lb. weight capacity (not suitable for smaller users)

Determine the Category

Each chair series has a distinctive "look" with comfort and construction features common to all styles and models.
Choose from the following:

Sensible Solutions - Advent and EDU
Functional Solutions - Contour and Muse
Complete Solutions - Monterey and Pearl II
Mesh Solutions - Grid and Jay
Executive Solutions - Saddle and Tradition
Specialty Solutions - Indy and Health
Nesting chairs - Jay

Choose a Series

From Advent to Tradition, our chair series have coordinating executive, task, stool, sled, and multipurpose stackable styles. Consider the type of work that the user is performing and his or her level of authority.
Choose high, medium or small back models.

Decide on a Model

Mechanisms determine what a chair can "do" - from simple swivel to advanced synchro tilt. Increased functionality adds ergonomic benefits and increases the price of the chair. Consider the number of people who will use the chair, the amount of time they will be sitting, and the type of work being performed. Purchase the mechanism with functions that work for your application...and make sure that each user knows how to take advantage of the benefits that you supply

Choose a Mechanism

All Seating Inc. chairs - except those with arms that are premanently attached to the frame - are priced without arms.
Arm choices range from basic fixed height arms with urethane pads to fully upholstered executive style arms.
Specialty arm options include width adjustment brackets and pads for extra comfort or durability.

For more information please see Arms

Select Your Textile

Seating Inc. offers solutions for special needs. A ballistic nylon outer back protects chairs in cramped spaces.
Upgraded foam increases comfort for users who are seated for long periods of time. A wide seat accommodates holsters or utility belts. CAL 133 meets fire safety regulations. Multiple options and upgrades are available to satisfy individual requirements.

For more information, please see Comfort & Specialty

Add Arms and Upgrades

Seating Inc. offers a broad array of textiles to fit every application, decor, and budget. Select fabric, vinyl, or leather/vinyl combinations from our carded program or choose a graded-in product from one of our textile partners: Mayer Fabrics, CF Stinson, or Momentum Textiles. Commercial COM textiles may be supplied are are priced as Grade 1.

To check out our fabric selection, visit Fabrics

Additional Help

If you need further advice or assistance, please call (800) 468-2475. Our friendly, knowledgeable Customer Service staff will be happy to help.

How to Order

Our chairs are sold through office furniture dealers and on various state and government contracts. Please contact one of our State Representatives, (we have them listed on our How to Order page), or call us for more information about our chairs and how to find a dealer in your area.

(800) 468-2475

(585) 468-2875

(585) 468-2804

Mailing address
PO Box 898
Nunda, NY 14517

Product Codes

Example of a Product Code
Category: 275 Everyday for data entry clerk, single shift
Series: Style & Model: Contour Task Medium Back
Mechanism: Q25 Advanced knee tilt with quick set back
Arms: Adjustable height, T-style arm with width adjustment brackets

Textile: Icon Black
Options & Upgrades: TLC Foam seat and soft twin wheel casters for use on hard floors

Product Code: CO211 Q25 TC WAB TLCS STW Gr. 1 Icon Black

IMPORTANT: Before submitting your order, refer to our shipping information to determine if (or how much) freight charges will be added to your order.

Place your order by fax, US mail, or email. Be sure to include your company name, address, phone number, fax number, PO number, and any special instructions. Include a contact name and extension in case there are any questions regarding your order. Make sure to include a shipping address if it is different than the bill to address.

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