UAH - University of Alabama in Huntsville
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Seating Inc. - BID # B001616  (Expiration Date: 12/31/2010)

We offer an array of heavy-duty & intensive use ergonomic chairs, as well as durable classroom chairs.
Extra Large - big and tall chairs
Generous Fit - up to 550 lbs
Intensive Use 24 hour seatingHeavy Duty Lab Stools
Intensive Use - Multi-shift
Single shift ergonomic chairs
Durable Economical Seating
These chairs have been rigorously tested and are built to withstand abuse. All of our products are made-to-order. That means you can dress any of our chairs up or down, in order to accommodate the user’s requirements and budget—all with an A/R/O of 30 days!

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UAH Contract Pricing Discounts
Seating All

List Pricing from 0.00 to 99,999.99  Delivered and Installed   50.0%
List Pricing over 99,999.99 Delivered and Installed  55.0%

For more information contact our Representative:
Midsouth Associates, phone (770) 986-9988  or  
Send Purchase Orders to: Seating Inc.
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Nunda, NY   14517
Phone: (800) 468-2475
Fax:  (585) 468-2804
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