July 2018
Seating Inc. has released 2 new pricebooks – Commercial Pricebook and Cobra Pricebook.  They have yellow/orange covers, and are effective immediately for commercial business.  Check them out.

June 2018
Our new “Seating Simplified; Quick Configurations” has arrived!  Check them out here

April 2018 Have you seen our new Make Space Collection on MRLCheck us out!

March 2018
Make Space has been added to the top navigation menu!  To check out the Make Space collection, hover over “products” and go down to “Make Space – Collaborative”.  Or just click here.

January 2018
Graded-in fabrics have been priced for 2018!  We are still waiting for the 2018 Guilford of Maine pricelist, but have updated Culp, Stinson, Momentum, Mayer, and Pallas Textiles.