January 2018
Graded-in fabrics have been priced for 2018!  We are still waiting for the 2018 Guilford of Maine pricelist, but have updated Culp, Stinson, Momentum, Mayer, and Pallas Textiles.  

November 2017
NeoCon East – Seating Inc. will be showing in booth number 1502.  Stop by to check out our Make Space Collection!
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October 2017
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We’ve updated our product navigation.  Please let us know how we did!

July 2017
Seating Inc. will be closed for Independence Day on Monday, July 3 and Tuesday, July 4!

June 2017


May 2017
We are currently running our Soft Seat Promotion until July 31, 2017.  Click here to find out more about the soft seat, and click here to contact your representative!

April 2017
Check out our new .gif file – Seating Inc. at a Glance for a great introduction to Seating Inc.!

March 2017
Check out this great article published in My Resource Library all about Seating Inc.!  Click here, or on image.
Ergonomic Chair

February 2017
Seating Inc. releases its first mechanism instruction videos for the Q24 and Q25 BAA ASD Mechanisms.
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January 2017
All fabric grades have been updated to reflect manufacturer pricing.  See our Graded In textiles page to check out what grade your chair will be!

December 2016
New Multipurpose chair – EDU2 4-leg stackable chair with mesh back – click here to check it out!

November 2016
New Tandem Series – Cobra, Launches