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Anti-microbial, energy absorbing comfort.

TLC Memory Foam is a high density, anti-microbial foam made to provide long term seating comfort. TLC Foam is exclusive to Seating Inc. and different from other “Energy Absorbing” or “Memory Foams” in the market today. We have incorporated TLC Foam into our seating systems since 1992 and our experience has enabled us to refine this technology and improve our manufacturing techniques to maximize the benefits for our customers. We have developed the “3-Panel Upholstery Technique” and don’t restrict the foam like our competitors who use the old-fashioned “pull hard and staple” method.

TLC Foam creates a high comfort factor by providing an even distribution of support across the entire seating area without putting unwanted return pressure on typical pressure points of the user. This removes “kickback stress” from these key pressure points. TLC Foam actually drops away from the high pressure areas to eliminate pinching or constriction of the blood vessels. The pinching of these blood vessels by other foam types is the major cause of long term sitting discomfort and fatigue. The user does not just ride on top of the cushion nor sink so deeply into the foam as to be sitting on the wood seat structure, but actually sits into the cushion for correct physiological and ergonomic support. When you sit down, there is no such thing as “bottoming out”. TLC Foam molds to the contour of the user bringing support where needed. The stress energy created by the weight and force being applied to the seat is absorbed within the cellular structure of the foam. When movement takes place the cushion conforms to the users position providing a perfect base for movement and support. After the user leaves the seat, TLC Foam returns to its original shape ready for another user.

TLC Foam has an incredibly high ability to resist compression and is virtually immune to permanent compression set. TLC Foam is a molded, sealed surface foam that shows greater longevity than all other low density and high resiliency foams. The molded shape provides the correct physiological support structure for long term sitting. Because of the elongated cellular structure, it is able to absorb energy caused by compression without causing the internal force resistance, which causes foam breakdown, compression set, and permanent foam deterioration. TLC Foam is proprietary and our exclusive formula, molds, shapes, and texture cannot be found from any competitor. In fact, we incorporate TLC Foam into more styles and models than any other manufacturer does with their generic energy absorbing foam products. We believe so strongly in the benefits of TLC Foam that we incorporate it not only in the seat cushion, but backrests, arm pads, and adjustable neck supports. After all, shouldn't your entire body benefit from TLC Foam?

Key Features
6.2 lb density
Molded contoured cushions
Built-In Lumber support
Eliminates "bottoming out"
Supports as you move
3 panel upholstery technique

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