About Us

The Everyday chair is our standard fit and will suit anyone weighing up to 300 pounds. All of these chairs can be ordered with multiple adjustments that serve your particular needs and desires. We want you to have a customized chair that suits you physically, and is functional in your environment as well.

Seat Cushion
We want to create your perfect chair. Choose between our many foam options for optimal comfort.

Sturdy Wood Seat and Back
All of our seats and backs begin with a wood frame that is constructed right here in our factory! This allows us to design unique shapes with ergonomics in mind that improve your seated position.

Made in America
We use all North American-made component parts to ensure strength and durability.

About Us

Our Heavy Duty/Intensive Use chairs are designed to ensure quality and stability for users up to 400 pounds. Their component parts are chosen specifically because they will last in environments where they receive more than average use either due to weight or 24/7 usage. We found that there was a strong need in the market for larger chairs that were both adjustable and attractive. The Intensive Use chair is our solution, a chair built to match your unique needs.

Upgraded Seat Foam
For increased longevity and to accommodate users up to 400 pounds, all of our Intensive Use chairs have upgraded seat foam.

Sturdy Wooden Seat
All of our seats have a wooden substructure that is constructed right here in our factory! For all Intensive Use chairs we have created an eleven-layer, one inch thick compound curved seat wood which supports a higher weight class and increases durability.

Heavy-Duty Mechanism
We use a mechanism with increased stability in order to support larger users and demanding use.

Heavy-Duty Back Bar
The back bar on all Heavy Duty/ Intensive Use chairs is 4 inches wide with a six inch housing compared to most chairs which have a three inch wide bar and a four inch housing.

Heavy-Duty Cylinder
For increased stability and to support a higher weight capacity, we use heavy duty cylinders on all of our Intensive Use chairs.

About Us

The Generous Fit chairs are engineered to suit your particular needs. Their heavy-duty parts ensure increased stability and can suit users up to 550 pounds. These impressive chars are 20 % larger than our already increased 400 Intensive Use chairs and are built to last. Given their unique structure and mechanisms, the Generous Fit chairs are not recommended for users under 250 pounds.

Wider, Deeper Seat
The seat on our Generous Fit chairs is both wider and deeper than on our 350 Intensive Use chairs. Widths are available up to 26inches.

Wider, Taller Back
To match and fit its user, the back on the generous fit chair is both wider and taller than on our 400 Intensive Use chairs.

Reinforced Steel Substructure
We reinforce our Generous Fit chairs with a steel frame to ensure durability.

TLC Memory Foam
We use 4” thick, TLC Memory foam on all of our Generous Fit chairs to ensure comfort and resilience.

Fixed Arms
We fix the arms in place on all Generous Fit chairs for enhanced stability.

Heavy-Duty Mechanism
This uniquely strong mechanism ensures stability when the chair is being used and adjusted.

Heavy-Duty Cylinder
The heavy-duty cylinder provides overall strength to the chair.

28” Aluminum Base
The base for our 550 Generous Fit Chairs can support up to 1,300 pounds.

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