Indy Sled Base Stackable


Indy: Durable, black injection molded polyurethane seat and back. For use in high traffic areas. Also available in matching stool and stackable configurations, for users up to 300 lbs.

Available options: Black or Silver Metallic Frame. See “pricing” for all options.

Brochure Pricing
  • Features
    • Durable black injection molded plastic seat and back
    • Steel substructure
    • Ergonomically shaped waterfall edge seat
    • Ganging clamps available
    • Dolly available
    • Upholstered seat and back pads available
    • Black or Silver Metallic Frame
    • Lifetime warranty for single shift applications, and users up to 300 lbs.
  • Dimensions

    Seat: 19″ W X 17.5″ D
    Seat ht: 18.5″
    Back: 19.5″ W X 15.5″ H
    COM Yardage: 1.00