Foam: Because where you sit matters.  Choose the right foam option for yourself or your users.  See the options below.
See our Sitting Guide to find out what kind of foam your chair has, and what is available!

Open Cell

How it’s made: A liquid foam formula is poured into giant pans and allowed to rise. The enormous “buns” that result are sliced and cut to size, then shaped in stacks on a band saw.

Surface and Density: Open cell. Density range 1.2 – 2.9 pcf (pounds per cubic foot.)

Comfort and durability: Less foam, more air in poured process. Higher density formulas add longevity but open cell foam breaks down more quickly than molded foam.

Appearance: Simple shapes and wrap upholstery added thickness prevents “bottoming out”.

Added Benefits: Least expensive.


Layered “Soft Seat”

How it’s made: A selection of foams of various firmness & density are combined for maximum support and durability, topped off with a soft layer of fiber.

Surface and Density: Dacron Cover. Density range 1.2 – 2.9 pcf

Comfort and durability: Combination of layers provides long lasting support and softness.

Appearance: Sewn cover relaxes pressure for “softer sit”.

Added Benefits: Cost-effective comfort.


Closed Cell Molded Foam

How it’s made: Liquid foam and pressure are used to produce contoured shapes from molds.

Surface and Density: Closed cell surface defends against exterior contaminants that harbor bacteria and promote breakdown. Density range 3.2 – 3.8 pcf.

Comfort and durability: Increased density achieved with pressure molded process adds long lasting comfort.

Appearance: Tailored upholstery accommodates sleek molded shapes.

Added Benefits: Molding process lends itself to ergonomic shaping.


TLC Energy Absorbing Memory Foam

How it’s made:Advanced foam formula with exceptional static rebound properties combines with molded process to produce superior resilience and suppport.

Surface and Density: Sealed exterior provides a shield against contaminants that harbor bacteria and accelerate breakdown. Density 5.2 pcf.

Comfort and durability: Highest density, energy absorbing formula alleviates pressure and provides tremendous support. New TLC foam is quite firm. It will soften with use.

Appearance: Tailored upholstery accommodates ergonomic contours.

Added Benefits: Antimicrobial. Energy absorbing properties relieve pressure. “Memory” property rebounds the same after a lifetime of use.