Service Request

We work hard every day to make sure that our products reach your workplace in perfect operating condition. We also know that the minute you take delivery, you are responsible for keeping them that way. That’s why every chair we make carries all the information you need to give us when service is required.
We are here to assist you with service requests for warranty claims.  Essential information we need to assist with warranty claims is on the tag underneath your chair’s seat.  Removal of this tag may void your warranty, so please do not remove.

Step 1

Locate the Seating Inc. product tag under the seat of your Seating Inc. chair.

Step 2

Take a picture of your chair tag.

Step 3

Click on the link below and attach picture of tag, picture of issue, and a brief description…it’s that easy!

Once you’ve submitted your request, you can expect to hear back from us in normal working hours.  If replacement parts are needed, we’ll get back to you with what you need, and when you can expect to receive it.  We’ll also give you instructions on how to get your chair up and running again!