Office Chair with a 400 lb. Weight Capacity

A Custom Office Chair with a 400 lb Weight Capacity Option

Don’t let a poorly constructed office chair get in the way of your work. You deserve a chair that will outlast your longest days, one specifically built to accommodate your body’s needs for hours of efficiency. Meet the Seating Inc. 400 lb weight capacity office chair, fortified inside and out to provide optimal comfort and ergonomic support for users between 250 and 400 lbs. Say goodbye to uncomfortable desk chairs that do not give you the support you need and break all too soon. Say hello to unprecedented quality, durability, and sturdiness you can enjoy until retirement.


The Best Office Chairs with 400 lb Capacity

When it comes to your office chair, why sacrifice style for function when you can have both? Our special line of heavy duty office chairs is built around our best selling seating options. You can’t necessarily see all the differences—but we promise you’ll feel them. We have applied 3 decades of expert craftsmanship to engineer a heavy duty office chair suitable for daily use, even in environments like 24-hour operator centers where the chairs are used around the clock. Customizable options and uncompromised design make this chair perfect for your office at home or at work.


Built to Last: High Performing Heavy Duty Office Chairs

You perform your best work when you are in a seat you can rely on. That’s why we strengthen and test all components of our 400 lb capacity chairs from the inside out to ensure stability, support, durability, strength, and resiliency for heavy use.


Our 400 lb capacity chairs feature ergonomic and mechanical configurations that provide targeted support:

  • Engineered with a 10-ply hardwood seat pan for durability.
  • All of our 400 lb capacity configurations come standard with our TLC energy-absorbing memory foam, made with 5.2 lb density to resist flattening out over time.
  • The Class 4 – 500 newton cylinders, reinforced with heavy duty bushings, can withstand higher pressure than our standard chairs without weakening.
  • You’ll enjoy long lasting lumbar and back support thanks to the extra strong back bar.
  • The specialized five-leg composite base bolsters the durability of the entire chair.
  • Enhanced with 95 lb. capacity each, the casters will not bend under pressure.
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Secretly Built Like a Tank

An added benefit of our 400 lb capacity chairs: they don’t look like typical high-weight capacity office chairs, which can be bulky and overly large. Through thoughtful engineering and design, we’ve kept the style of each chair without sacrificing durability, strength, or quality. These chairs will keep you supported and productive; it’s a chair that will look stunning in your office space, too.


Backed by A Lifetime Warranty

Buying a Seating Inc. chair isn’t a one-time transaction, it’s an investment. You are investing in an amazing chair that fits your body and supports your work perfectly. We are investing in your satisfaction, productivity, and wellbeing by promising to replace parts if something should happen to your chair along the way. These chairs are built to last, and so is the warranty.

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