Durable Office Chairs

Why Seating Inc.?

We build our reputation around durability. With three generations of building handcrafted chairs, we have chairs that have been around for decades. It always puts a smile on our face to hear things like, “I cannot believe how your chairs feel like new, even years later,” and “The only gift I wanted for retirement was to take my office chair with me.” We were even told that siblings fought over a family member’s Seating Inc. chair after that person passed away. If you are searching for an office or desk chair that is durable, comfortable, and built specifically for you, continue reading and you may end up with the best chair you ever sat in—one that could outlast you!


Creating the Most Durable Office Chair

In order to create a long lasting chair, every component that goes into building that chair needs to be vetted for quality and endurance. Since the beginning Seating Inc. has sourced high quality American components for our chairs. This is one of the keys to why our chairs will outlast and outperform the competition.

From the very beginning, we have never sacrificed quality for profit, even down to our screws. We refuse to use cheap components that would jeopardize our trusted reputation.


Quality USA Sourced Office Chair Parts vs. Cheaper Chairs

Feature Seating Inc Parts Others
Seat Wood Mississippi hardwood, multiple cross layered for added strength and longer life Soft plywood provides less support for component fasteners
Foam Type Molded closed cell antimicrobial foam with up to 5.2lbs of density providing longlife rebound. Open cell foam, typically under 2lbs of density, with a much shorter life span and flattens over time.
Temperature Regulating KulKote Copper Technology Not Available
Textile Contract grade with over 175 performance and design choices Consumer grade with limited options
Casters Your choice of superior reinforced nylon, heavy duty casters to fit your environment (hardwood, carpet, all-purpose) Inferior plastic carpet casters
Adjusting Mechanisms Aluminum housing with high grade bushings Steel housings that corrode over time makes it almost impossible to remove worn parts
Cylinders Class 4 – 400 newton cylinders with high quality internal bushings that reduce wobbling and increase lifespan Class 2 – 250 newton cylinders with lower grade bushings
Screws Army grade lock tight screws Cheap screws to keep costs down
Base Aluminum or nylon reinforced base that maintains integrity of strength where the caster is connected Inferior plastic base that wears faster and leads to wobbling casters and manufactured to reduce costs


Packaged With Care

When you invest in a Seating Inc. chair we build and inspect your handcrafted chair before shipping it to you. Other manufacturers will ship a box of parts with instructions and leave it up to you to assemble a majority of the chair yourselves. The benefit of assembling and testing our chairs ahead of time is we can assemble your chair to the exact recommended specifications and provide a final quality check prior to it reaching your hands. Once tested, we keep the chair as intact as possible and package it with the proper padding and support to arrive safely to its destination.


Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

When you make the claim that you offer the most durable chair on the market, what better way to prove our seriousness than by offering a lifetime warranty. When you purchase a Seating Inc chair you are making an investment, not only in your chair, but your health, your happiness, and your productivity. And we want that investment to last you the rest of your life. This is why we’ve spent generations building relationships with our vendors to ensure we can order a replacement part in the event that something happens to your chair. It’s our goal to ensure that your chair supports you for years to come.


Our Chairs are Third Party Certified

Because our primary business is contract manufacturing, our chairs undergo a variety of third party testing to ensure that our products meet the demands of all our clients. Some of the certifications and standards we meet are from BIFMA, LEVEL, and MAS Certified Green.




To promote productivity and wellness in the workplace, the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association creates and maintains high product standards focused on safety, ergonomics, and sustainability.




BIFMA created LEVEL® to perform a comprehensive assessment of furniture products to determine their overall impact on society and the environment. Everything is tested, from materials to labor and safety.


MAS Certified Green

MAS Certified Green®

In an effort to promote healthy indoor air quality, MAS Certified Green® tests construction products and furniture under strict standards to ensure low VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds).

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Durable Office Chairs

Why Seating Inc.? We build our reputation around durability. With three generations of building handcrafted chairs, we have chairs that have been around for decades.

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