Perfect Office Chair with the Wide Seat Option

Customize Your Perfect Office Chair with the Wide Seat Option

Tired of searching for a wide office chair that is comfortable for your generously proportioned body? Add a Wide Seat to many of our models, so you can be sure you can enjoy your new ergonomic office chair without constraint. Whatever your job, whatever your shape, you deserve to be comfortable during every long hour of work. Optimize comfort and productivity by adding our Wide Seat Option.


Why Would I Choose a Wide Seat for my Ergonomic Chair?

We build chairs for every beautiful body because working people come in every shape and size. Thanks to the Wide Seat Option, users who need or prefer extra room from side to side can take our high quality ergonomic seats to next-level comfort. Our chairs are known for their impressive durability, sturdiness, and support in all the right places. Choose the Wide Seat Option to create the office chair you never thought you could have.


Wide Seat Option Specifications:

  • When you choose the Wide Seat Option, we build your chair with a wider seat. The width of the backrest does not change.
  • The wider seat does not add weight capacity. If you need a wide seat and extra weight capacity, choose the 400lb Capacity Option and add the Wide Seat Option too.
  • The Wide Seat Option increases the width of your seat to 24”.
  • Wide Seat Option is compatible with the standard and memory foam seats.

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Choose the Wide Office Chair That Suits You

Seating Inc. offers a wide array of adjustable features, making our chairs the ideal choice for anyone who wants a highly personalized seat, truly catered to your body. Find the chair that meets your needs best, and choose the Wide Seat Option to make it perfect.

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