Finding The Best High End Desk Chair For You


You are searching for a high end desk chair so you can go on with your life but not have a chair that is hurting you. And probably a chair that lasts a long time is a bonus – so you don’t have to go chair shopping every year. But it’s an investment and it’s going to affect you every day you work!

This is exciting, comfortable sitting is on its way. But there are a lot of options out there to search through– after all the chair business is a big industry.

So keep reading this quick guide to help you buy the right high end desk chair.


Well, YOU, of course.

WHO YOU ARE has a lot to do with what is the best computer chair for you.

People come in a variety of shapes and sizes and each human body is different. The chair that suits your partner, your work buddy, or your best friend may not be the best chair for YOU.

So consider the ‘you-ness’ that will affect your chair.

Your size – Most high end desk chairs are made to fit 95% of the population – so there is a good chance a standard chair will fit you. However, if you’re taller, shorter, wider, narrower, heavier or more petite than an average Joe or Jane then make sure the chair company you’re buying from can accommodate your size before you buy. Call them and make sure!

Your style – The same way your style determines the clothes, art, paint colors, and coffee mugs you buy, let it help determine the chair you buy as well! Your high end desk chair will become a part of your style. Do you want something flashy with polished accents or basic with standard dark finishes? There are options, you do not have to pick the standard. Do you want a pink desk chair that speaks to your personality, a gold desk chair to speak to your ambitions, a grey desk chair to express your stability? No matter the reason – find a chair that will mean something to you.

Your budget – office chairs have a huge range of pricing. In this article we are focused on the best HIGH END desk chairs. So you are going to be looking at a price range of $500 – $2,000. Consider where within this range you would like to spend. Pick an ideal range before you start looking.

Your needs – We work in diverse ways in all kinds of environments. Do you need the most comfortable desk chair, a desk chair that’s easy to clean upholstery, the best desk chair for back pain because you have chronic issue?


Consider your space and dimensions.

Where you are working has a lot to do with the best high end desk chair for you.

Let’s get literal. How much space do you have for your chair? And this may seem obvious, but check the dimensions!

There are so many different types of desks you could be working at, some with different heights and widths that will affect the type of chair that will fit.

*key – if you want a chair with arms – make sure the arms will fit underneath the desk for two reasons. 1. So you can skootch in close enough to your desk without the arms interfering

2. So the arms on your chair don’t get banged up by hitting your desk, and so your desk doesn’t get banged up by being hit with the arms of your chair!


The type of work you do affects the options you need.

Depending on the kind of work you are doing you’ll want to find the best chair for you. You can search specific jobs, for instance shopping the best chair for programmers, or the ‘best chair for gamers’ is a good place to start.

Are you meeting people in person? Do you want a chair that expresses something about your work style or your position?

Do you talk on the telephone most of the day? If so do you need a chair that lets you lean back and rest your arms while you converse?

And maybe you want a chair with no arm rests so you can sit with crossed legs, or in any other way without being hindered.

Consider the type of work – or play – that you do while seated, and make sure the chair you’re looking to buy will accommodate!


Timing is everything.


Are you working mostly on your feet or out and about, with only a few hours here or there at a desk? If so, maybe you don’t need to spend on a high end desk chair. However, if you spend 8+ hours at your desktop computer, then you’re definitely in the right ballpark and a high end desk chair is probably the right investment.

If you are spending many hours in your chair, check into comfort options like memory foam seat, or extra adjustments that will ensure the chair is keeping you in the best position possible. You may want to look into high end mesh office chairs that will also keep you cool with mesh that allows air to move freely.


For most high end desk chairs with custom options, lead times will generally be at least a couple of weeks. So start shopping now, but expect that your chair will arrive a few weeks after you press ‘buy’. Why? Because most high end desk chairs aren’t coming off a shelf! They are being built just for you.


Start your search.

Do you feel a little more prepared to take on this search?

Remember, the customer is always right and YOU are the customer. So make sure your investment is everything you need it to be. A good high end desk chair will last you for years and year to come. So choose the chair you LOVE.

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