How to clean your ergonomic office chair

You’ve invested in an ergonomic office chair that you love. It looks great, feels great, and all is golden. But then anxiety knocks – what if I spill something? How do I keep my chair looking this good forever?

Ok, well anxiety be gone.

Here is your simple guide to keeping your chair looking its best!

Throughout this article you will see 4 tasks you can perform to clean your ergonomic office chair.  The 4 tasks in short form are brushing, disinfecting, bathing, and polishing. You can do all 4 steps, or use individual tasks as needed for your desired results.  To cover all bases, in each task section you will find the following information.

Tools required – What you will need to perform the task

Time required – average time it takes to perform this cleaning function

Best types of textile for this method – depending on the type of textile, is this a good method

Fun fact – because life deserves to be fun!

  • Brush your chair

Tools required – bowl or small bucket, antibacterial soap, cloth or rag, lukewarm water

Time required – 5 minutes

Best types of textile for this method – Fabrics (We do not suggest brushing faux leather or leather)

Fun fact – Everyone is going to want a chair brush once they see you brushing your chair

Yes, brush your chair. This is not a typo!

Get yourself a chair brush for the quick cleaning of your chair’s seat, back, arms, and base. The type of brush you need is a bristle brush (your hair brush will not do the trick). Think of this as the ‘sweeping’ of house cleaning for your chair. Especially if you choose a fabric upholstery finish. Make sure to use a brush with soft bristles. Brush gently and lift at the end of each stroke to make sure any dust or particles are removed. Brush, brush away. Your chair will thank you for it…not literally, but you know what we mean.

  • Disinfect with wipes or sprays

Tools required – disinfectant wipes or sprays

Time required – 2 minutes

Fun fact – micro-organisms don’t stand a chance!

A lot of people these days are disinfecting everything. I personally keep disinfectant with me in at all times. So if you’re one of those people, you may also find yourself wanting to disinfect your chair. NO PROBLEM. Disinfect away. But just remember that after using harsh chemicals on your chair’s arms, base, or frame – you have to rinse them off. You wouldn’t shampoo your hair and then leave it. You wouldn’t bleach your t-shirt and then not wash it off, right?

So disinfect away, but be kind to your chair and give it a rinse and wipe off before you consider the cleaning job done.

NOTE! Do not use disinfectant spray or wipes directly on fabric unless that disinfectant has been approved for use on that fabric type. Otherwise it may have undesirable consequences on your fabric. Additionally, disinfecting your chair with wipes alone might affect the warranty on your textile. Most textile companies will not maintain warranty on their products if they have been ‘abused’ with chemical cleaners that have not been regularly cleaned off.

  • Spot clean your chair with soap and water –

Tools required – bowl or small bucket, antibacterial soap, cloth or rag, lukewarm water

Time required – 5 minutes

Best types of textile for this method – Fabric, faux leather, and leather. Every type of textile is best cleaned with this method.

Fun fact – singing allowed

Use soap and water to spot-clean any parts of your chair that need a little extra attention. Use antibacterial soap for help fight against micro-organisms. This type of spot treatment is safe on all variety of fabrics, faux leather and genuine leather finishes, and is overall the most important task in this cleaning kit. This method should also be used for quick removal of spills on any textiles. Use just a little water and a damp cloth, no need to soak the chair. No fabric likes to be soaked, so spot treat with care.

  • Polish and buff 

Tools required – bowl or small bucket, antibacterial soap, cloth or rag, lukewarm water

Time required – 5 minutes

Fun fact – If you are the type of person who polishes your shoes, you will be most likely to include this ‘polish and buff’ portion of the cleaning process in your routine

If you want to take your chair cleaning that extra step because you’re fancy and your things are also fancy and polished, keep your polishing cloth close by. Use this polishing cloth on any plastic or metal surfaces for a quick buff, and to remove any dust that might have accumulated when you weren’t looking!

Hopefully this has been an excellent guide for ergonomic chair cleaning. After all, your ergonomic chair supports you, and doesn’t it deserve a little TLC as well.

You’ve got this! Your ergonomic chair is going to be the cleanest one around.

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