Should I invest in an American-made Ergonomic chair?

Supporting a local, American chair manufacturing business is not the quick and cheap solution to furnishing your office space.  However, it is a value-packed solution that will provide exactly what you need, and support you for many years to come.

Here are some things you receive, and some things you support when buy American by choosing Seating Inc. as your chair supplier.


Here’s what you’re getting when you buy from Seating Inc – a small, family-owned American Based manufacturing company.

  • A quality chair.  We’ve been in the chair making business over 30 years.  Some companies like to stand behind their products. We also sit in ours. In addition to quality parts, many of our crew members have been with us for 10, 15 and even 20 years.  This means they are experts at making and building chairs.
  • Problem-free Shipment, simple instructions.  Our Quality Control crew checks every chair that is built by putting it together and ensuring it functions properly.  Our shipping crew is extremely experienced at packing chairs tightly, making sure they arrive in great shape (sometimes this means using different carriers for different geographic areas).  Most of our chairs ship UPS or FedEx and arrive requiring only minimal assembly.  Instruction sheets on how to put the chair together are easy to follow.
  • Quick Lead Time on built-to-order chairs.  We generally ship the chairs no more than 4 weeks after we receive the order.  If you need your chair(s) quicker, we can often accommodate that too.  Don’t be afraid to ask, we’re agile!
  • A lifetime warranty.  All of our standard products come with a lifetime warranty.  If any of our products has a defect throughout its life, we’ll fix it.  Our warranty program is online and super easy to use. There is a product label on the bottom of every chair that we ship. This label has all the information you need to get replacement parts. Just look on the bottom of the chair, enter the info into our warranty site, and we’ll send out your parts. Simple.
  • Comfort – we’ve been building chairs for a long time and sitting in them just as long – we know what’s comfortable and what isn’t.  We know you’ll enjoy your seat.
  • Integrity and ‘realness’ – if we have a problem with your order, we’ll let you know.  If you have a problem with your order, call us up, we’ll make it right.  We’re here 5 days a week and love talking to customers.
  • Personalized customer service. Have you ever had the experience with big companies where you get put on hold for what seems like an eternity? Don’t worry about that. People answer our phones, not machines! And we work to get your answers as quickly as possible. Two members of our office staff grew up in our factory!  They know a thing or two about chairs and are happy to help with any questions, or to help you build a chair.  If we don’t know, we’ll ask the crew – our office and factory are attached.




American manufacturing companies help create jobs, keep talent on American soil, stimulate local economy, make Americans less dependent on products that come from overseas, and ultimately improve sustainability.

Here are some things that you’re supporting when you buy from Seating Inc – a small family owned, American based manufacturing company.

  • A small town.  In the beautiful rural towns of Western New York, there aren’t always a lot of options for good jobs. Many kids grow up farming and are looking for something a little different – maybe they don’t have a car, a college degree, or can’t get to “the city” to get to work every day.  Your chair purchase helps support these hard-working people to get a step up – and many of them continue working with us for many years, supporting their families, creating value and being part of something exciting in this small town.
  • Families.  Not only do we employ people from right here in our own small community, we also buy from many suppliers who are also small, or family run businesses.
  • More support of American manufacturing – we buy most of our component parts from within 500 miles of our factory – that means we’re looking to source good parts from American companies. The more we sell, the more we buy.  We’ve been working with many of the same suppliers since when we got started.
  • The environment.  Our company is BIFMA level certified.  This means that all of our chairs meet rigorous emissions testing, and our company is looked at as a whole to make sure that we’re doing our best to meet Sustainability goals – in all levels and departments of the company.

We’re the chair experts – manufacturing chairs and providing an excellent experience to our buyers is what we think about, what we are experts at, and we’ve been perfecting for over 30 years.  Every step from receiving the order, to the chair arriving at your door, and every step in between is our life’s work.  The best way to become an expert at something is to practice, and we’ve had plenty.

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