The Perfect Textile For Your Custom Office Chair

There is an important relationship between chairs and textiles that you may not have considered before! The textile a chair is upholstered in not only affects how it looks, but how it feels, sits and lasts over time.

If you want the perfect custom office chair – having a vast textile selection is essential. There is more to textiles than just color alone. Features including texture, stain resistance and type need to be considered when you’re shopping for a chair that’s just for you.

We worked closely with the Mayer Fabrics team including colorist Kimberle Frost on this vast selection of beautiful textiles for e-commerce. The textiles were chosen based on a variety of factors that you will want to consider while you shop!


Consider the following factors as you narrow down the best textile for your custom office chair:

Textile Type
What it’s made of

Fabric also known as Woven material is a popular choice for chair upholstery. Woven textile is made of yarn, designed in a wide variety of patterns. Imagine a loom to visualize how these patterns are designed. Fabric/woven textile comes in a wide variety of colors, textures, patterns, and finishes.

Faux leather or Vinyl is a manmade synthetic material. This option is leather-like so has a different feel than fabric/woven textile. Faux leather is less expensive than leather, and comes in a wider variety of colors and patterns. This type of textile is made by layering coating on top of a knit backing. It is sort of like a cookie with a base layer that gets a melted chocolate layer on top.

Choose between fabric and faux-leather by considering the overall style and look that you want. Do you want a fabric/woven finish or something that looks more like leather*?

* You can always choose a genuine leather chair. It will bring the price of the chair up a bit, but is another great option and lasts beautifully while gaining character over time. Stay tuned for Genuine Leather to be added to our site!

Textile Color
Match your space, your brand colors, or your personal style

Color is an important consideration for your custom office chair. Choose a color to compliment your current environment, or find a match to your brand colors! Color can also be an expression of your personal style – maybe a pink desk chair will make you feel energized every time you sit down to work. Or perhaps a grey desk chair will help you get seriously focused. There’s no wrong color, and you have lots of options.

Solid or Pattern
What do you prefer?

Some people like solid colors – minimal blocks without smaller details to distract the eye. Others prefer patterns – textiles with creative details in the form of shapes, lines and stitching that give unique defining character*.

Which do you prefer? Having a look at your wardrobe might help you to recognize your preference!

* For some statement patterns check out Milagro, Acuco, Spokes, and Lotus textiles.

Can you feel it!

The sense of touch shouldn’t be ignored in the visually splendid world of textiles. Remember to take into consideration how a given textile FEELS. There are many beautiful textured surface options, from the soft and velvety feel of a pattern like Engrave, to the rugged and organic feel of a pattern like Odessa.

If you’d like to test the feel of a textile for your custom desk chair, order a memo sample first! The sample will be delivered to you quickly and free of charge.

Look through our textile selection and order some memo samples!

Stay Clean Technology

Keep your custom desk chair looking new for longer, and protect your investment with this popular category of woven fabric that is designed to last through “life’s predictably unpredictable moments.” Crypton finish is designed to allow your life to go on (through the messes and mishaps) while keeping your furniture investments safe. Beneficial properties include moisture, stain and odor resistance, and Crypton textiles are easy to disinfect and clean.

There are many beautiful options in the Crypton category. To view some choices check out patterns Abbey, Cosmopolitan, Form, Tattersall and Fretwork.

Latest Greatest Technology

Tekloom is a new hybrid category of woven fabrics chemically bonded with a TPE surface. These are technically woven but have a unique feel – almost like a silicone. These are highly durable, antibacterial, ink and stain resistant textiles that will last well throughout the years. To see this innovative textile, check out patterns Gravity and Relativity.

Ink Resistant®

Whether in a commercial building or a home, offices often have a lot of pens around! Ink resistant finish means your custom chair’s textile will resist ink stains so they can be washed off. Don’t draw on your chair like it’s a white board or anything, but if you do happen to (or your child, or your pet) happens to write on your textile – your investment is protected.

Recycled and GREENGUARD Certified®

Certain textiles are made from recycled material. These textiles especially contribute to the green economy and support your corporate citizenship. Check out Tattersall and Fretwork patterns to have a look at our recycled textile selection.

Additionally! Check that your textile is GREENGUARD certified* for sustainability. “GREENGUARD Certified products are tested for low chemical emissions to standard UL 2818 and may contribute to LEED certification.”

* Every textile we offer is GREENGUARD or GREENGUARD GOLD certified.

In Closing

The way your chair sits and its ability to stay beautiful over time has a lot to do with the textile you select. So consider these factors before you buy – and you’ll be sure to love the way your custom chair looks, feels, and lasts through the years.

Enjoy! Your seat is safe with us

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